Man sentenced to life in jail for murder of 2-year-old boy

Man sentenced to life in jail for murder of 2-year-old boy

The victim was killed in 2012 in west-central Oklahoma City. The boy suffered an abdominal wound and was thrown out a window and down the side of an embankment. The attack followed a dispute between two teens. The girl’s boyfriend was charged with child abuse after he failed to return home for several days.

Judge John Brown sentence바카라사이트d the 16-year-old suspect, whom Brown called a “child prodigy” with no record for violent crimes, to life in prison. “He was a student in a school that was known to be a djarvees.comanger spot,” Brown said. “The fact that he was able to get out of school without getting arrested is an accomplishment.” He ordered a minimum of three years in prison for the second suspect, but Brown increased his sentence to life without parole.

Brown, who previously had described Kain as a “charming, kind, good kid,” sentenced him to 35 months behind bars instead of 25. He also ordered that Kain’s mother also serve at least 10 years behind bars.

The judge noted he had no evid바카라사이트ence that Kain made contact with Kase, but he was skeptical that any witnesses would be able to identify him.

The attack on Kain came just days after an attack on his neighbor left four dead and one critically injured. A man on Wednesday shot to death an unarmed woman outside her residence in nearby Tulsa, which police said was the murder weapon used in the attack, according to The Tulsa World.

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